Jom Kahwin! – The Curve(Day 4)

The attendee felt entertained and satisfied with the services that we provided to them. They were as happy as we were.

Jom Kahwin! – The Curve(Day 3)

Our Yippie team made it possible for the event to be at its most entertaining mood. We managed to make them all happy and yippie!

Jom Kahwin! – The Curve(Day 2)

The event went smooth without any discomfort. On the contrary, everyone was given the opportunity to share some happy moment together.

Jom Kahwin! – The Curve(Day 1)

Our Yippie Booth was of a great success! Our motivated team managed to entertain all the invitee of the event.

Danial & Afiqah’s Wedding – Hotel Bangi,Putrajaya

  This wedding was a great success. The newly wedded couple was joyful and we believe that we gave them one of the most memorable time together

Suraiya & Muhaimin’s Wedding

Our Yippie team made another beautiful couple happy as ever! They were delighted with our services. On this special day of theirs, Yippie Booth gave them the opportunity to remember how happy their guests were!  

Madihah & Hafiz’s Wedding

This wedding was also made a success. As promised our team gave our clients the best of our services and we managed to make the event as successful as ever.